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12 Spring Break Ideas for Kids

Spring is officially here. The snow is thawing in most places and spring break is around the corner!


Wait, what are you going to do with the kids for one whole week? We have a few ideas that everyone will enjoy.


12 Ideas For Kids During Spring Break


If you’re not going on vacation during spring break– it can be challenging to come up with something fresh and new for your kids to do, besides watching T.V and playing video games.


Reading Competition- Encourage reading by offering rewards for each book or 5 books read. For middle and high school age, be sure to mix in some nonfiction books and ensure they read by requiring a short oral or written report. You’ll be amazed what prizes and competition will do for reading.


Library Time- To stock up on books for your competition visit your local library. They might even host read aloud story time for younger children. Some public libraries may have educational computer games to enhance their learning.


Play Outside- Visit a park. Take the dog and your kids for a nature hike. Gather some other parents and their children and have a sports day. There is always the local beach, lake, or swimming pool–remember the SPF sunscreen.


Game Day/Night- If it happens to be too cold or rainy, gather up the board game classics: Monopoly, Checkers, Sorry, Uno, etc and have a fun day or evening of playing games.


Cook Together- Make a day of teaching your children how to plan, shop, and prepare a delicious dinner. This is a great lesson in money, organization, and following directions. You’ll make great memories and also share a yummy meal as a family.


Meetup with Others- Arrange a play-date or kid swap with others you know. If you don’t know anyone and want to make new friends, try to find almost any group you can think of: Mom’s groups, cooking groups, hiking, language groups, seriously there are a lot of groups. Your child could meet their new best friend or get to enjoy their favorite activity (without you planning it).


Ask Your Children- They know what they like to do. Have them prepare a list of activities or places to go and give them a budget. You just might be amazed at what they’ll come up with.


Volunteer- During Spring Break volunteer for a charity or non-profit. Build homes with Habitat for Humanity, serve breakfast at the local shelter, visit a nursing home, or volunteer at your local church or synagogue. Helping others in need together could start your child on a lifetime of serving.


Spring Cleaning- Spend a day cleaning the house from top to bottom, reorganizing their toys, or redecorating your child’s room. This a great time to gather up old unwanted items for our next idea.


Yard Sale- Spring is the time when those Yard Sale signs start popping up on street corners. Have your kids join in the fun with the toys they don’t need/want. Make posters, post an ad on Craigslist, 18 other tips on how to have a successful yard sale, and show them how to make some extra cash. Let your kids work the change drawer or sell lemonade and cookies. Of course they’ll get to keep some of the profits for that special toy they’ve been wanting.


Stay-cation- If you are strapped for cash or scared of high gas prices and can’t afford to go see Snow White’s Castle, try a stay-cation. Be a tourist in your own city and see what sights and sounds your city has to offer: museums, zoo, concerts and festivals, parks, historical sites, famous foods and eateries, beaches, walking tours, etc. Spend a night in a local hotel and enjoy the pool and amenities they have to offer.


Family Reunion- Call all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins-yes even the one who owes you money- and have a good ole’ family reunion. Print up some T-shirts and do whatever your family does when the whole gang gets together. Talk about the old days, play games, consume large quantities of food, and laugh a lot at goofy old pictures. Your kids will have a blast with their cousins and family members they may have never met.


With all these activities make sure to talk with your children and learn about them. This could also be a good week to discuss that important issue with your child that you’ve been avoiding.


Whatever you do this Spring Break with your children, do something and don’t let this opportunity pass you by.


What are your Spring Break ideas for kids? How will you spend that time with your children? 



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