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A Little Help From My Friends: Online Forums and Communities

We all need friends, supporters, cheerleaders, and words of wisdom from others who are parenting and educating. It is hard work to parent well; especially alone.


There are online forums, lists, and communities where you can ask questions and find answers from real parents. These forums could be a lifeline to struggling parents who think they are alone with their teaching and parenting style. If you have a child with a learning disorder, there are online communities for you also. No matter what your situation, there is likely an online community waiting for you to join.


These lists are by no means exhaustive, but can serve as a starting point to dive in to an online community. If you have suggestions, please add to the comments below.


Homeschool Forums

These forums tend to be very active and full of informative information on how to begin and sustain a homeschooling lifestyle for your family.

Parenting Forums

This list is a mix of websites and communities that cover a wide range of parenting topics.


No matter where you live or what your parenting and education goals are, you can find an online community that will support you. Some of these online friends will undertand and identify with you more than neighbors and family might. A common goal is unifying.


What online forums or virtual communities are you a “citizen” of? 



  1. Thanks for sharing this, Brent. I’ve found community to be an absolutely crucial element of successful parenting, and web resources can really help in the battle against isolation and frustration.

    Parents, don’t assume that you have to suffer through every single challenge you face. Some are normal, while others are avoidable, so take time to get input and support. It’s worth it!

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