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Cyber Charter Schools: A Growing Option

There are a growing number of students attending virtual schools in the U.S. Some attending virtual schools are home schooled supplemented by virtual classes. A growing segment are attending cyber charter schools as their primary source of education (without guardians acting as teacher).   This is a growing number of virtual schools (see national list) with even more

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Grants for Teachers

  As a teacher you are busy. A 40 hour work week? If you’re reading this article, then not likely. You live and breathe education and you want the best for your students. That includes the best materials possible to help your students excel. We all know that this costs money which you don’t have

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FT Sam ISD Thoughts

Check out what the technology director of Fort Sam Houston ISD thinks about ABC The Key.   “ABC The Key – A Great FREE Online Reading Program!” With budget cutbacks being what they are, free is always good. Educators are always looking for programs we can implement at our schools that don’t cost much. I found just

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